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A must have for any photographer!

  • High Quality
  • Easy to use - Perfect light for any skill level
  • Dimmable Fluorescent Light - No need for specialized triggers or cords
  • Light weight and portable
  • Perfect for shadowless product shots
  • A one light fashion look for Seniors, Models or Beauty portraits
  • 65W Fluorescent Bulb  (equivalent to 500W incandescent) - Dims to a lower value for sensitive eyes
  • 5400 Kelvin - Daylight Balanced
  • 19 inch Ringlight
  • Now includes accessory pack that allows you to mount a camera or iphone to the light itself, creating a simple but effective stand alone photo booth

The Aura Ringlight delivers excellent durability in a lightweight and sleek design. Aura will give you many options for adding a new look to your portrait and product photography. This studio ring light produces a virtually shadowless light that is daylight balanced and allows you to photograph either through the ring itself or from outside the ring. Using a ring light for portraits is wonderful for any subject with acne, scarring, wrinkles or unwanted texture on their face. This large light source produces a soft, luminescent light that mimics the look seen in many magazines and fashion ads. Utilize a ring light for still photography, video or makeup application for a bright and even light source that is flattering to your subject matter.

Other uses include crafting light, youtube lighting, video lighting and makeup light.


 With a single Aura ring light, you can take control of your lighting and create good, flattering lighting conditions in the worst of environments

As photographers, we are commonly asked to shoot in conditions that are not necessarily the best for creating a stunning portrait. With the help of your Aura ring light, you can create stellar, fashion infused images in just about any situation. Don't have access to a power outlet? Bring along a battery inverter and  you can use Aura anywhere you please. Whether in the studio or on location, your clients will love the look of the images you create with this professional light. 



Professional looking results without the need for years of traning and practice

While the Aura Ring light will give you professional looking results, you don't need to be a trained professional to operate it. With a simple on and off switch, this ringlight is perfect for the user that wants to give a more polished look to their images, makeup tutorials, or selfie ring light photos. The ratchet tilt adaptor allows the Aura ring light to fit on any standard light stand and be adjusted to the perfect angle and positioning. Take your Aura anywhere - It is small enough to on location, but large enough to provide a soft, even source of light that doesn't have a rapid falloff or harsh, hot spots. 

Discover the advantage of continuous lighting and enjoy the ease of effortlessly creating without getting bogged down with complicated equipment. As with all Silverlake products, you can count on products that do what they are designed to do...every time and simplify your ability to create beautiful images. Use multiple ring lights to create a more elaborate light configuration with hair lights and separation lights. 

Box Contents = 19 inch dimmable ring light, fluorescent bulb, tilting rachet light stand bracket, light stand, white and tungsten diffusers, cell phone attachment and mirror.