Mylar Flooring - 7Mil Mirrored plastic sheeting

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Ever wanted to shoot a full length image with your smaller backdrops and sets?


We have looked long and hard to bring you an affordable yet durable method to bring your backdrop colors down to the floor in a very pleasing and liquid-like fashion. To accomplish this, we provide a Mylar Flooring in a thick, 7 mil plastic sheeting that is white on one side and silver on the other. We have used many forms of mylar, but this is one of the most durable products we have ever worked with.


Mylar can be used on the floor or as a reflector or as a shoot through device. It is a rolled plastic sheeting that takes up virtually no space when rolled for storage. Give it a try and add some pop to your images for very little cost.


Product Specs:

7 mil in thickness

product includes 2 - 4x8 sheets that can be overlapped to give you an 8x8 section of floor.

Mylar is white on one side and mirrored silver on the other