MM3753 Hand Painted Mismatch - 10x20

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This is a USED backdrop. It is in good condition, but my have some slight foot marks on the floor portion.

Colors in Backdrop - Scenic - Snowflakes and Flurry


What is a Mismatch Backdrop?

Mismatch backdrops are simply designs that we created to match a specific style that we commonly offer, but the colors were not quite the right mix. While this backdrop is still a beatiful and suitable studio backdrop, with all of the care and quality that we put into our retail products, it was not a close enough match to the images we display. By offering them to our customers at a significant discount as a one of a kind creation, we can maintain a very strict quality control and still offer our customers a bargain on a beautiful and unique design.

EACH MISMATCH IS THE EXACT BACKDROP SHOWN IN THE IMAGE - There is only one of each design. They are sold on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. If you love it now, before it dissappears. If you have participated in our mismatch sales in the past, you know that the great ones go very quickly!

Our Hand Painted Mismatch backgrounds are created on heavy-weight, 100% cotton muslin in a layering technique that provides depth in the final image.

Our heavy-duty muslin will withstand tearing and moisture. Great for all types of photography when you need a backdrop. Whether you are a professional or an aspiring amateur, this will add a professional touch to your photography. Especially useful in Family, Children, Wedding, Model, Commercial, and High School Senior photography.

Please allow approximate 5% shrinkage in width and length.

Mismatch backdrops are in stock and will ship within 72 hours.

Having run my own studio for many years, I have found no use for rod pockets. It takes far too long to change if you are doing multiple backgrounds within one session. I am instead INCLUDING the same CLAMPS I use in my studio for hanging muslin. You will find it is quick, easy, and if a cheerleader steps too far back....the clamp comes loose...NOT your background stands!

Key Benefits

* Heavy-Weight 100% Cotton Muslin

* Exceptional depth due to the layered application of paints

* Comes with Spring Clamps for easy hanging

* Can be draped or hung straight

* The back can be photographed as a varation of the front

* Works exceptional with gels and background lights