Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Colorsmack Backdrop?

Colorsmack backdrops are available in a wide variety of sizes and are sublimated onto a fabric that is a wrinkle free and washable dye sublimated fabric. Colorsmacks can be washed and dried in standard household washing machines with mild fabric detergents. Colorsmacks come finished with a rod pocket on the shortest side. They can be hung any direction with the use of spring clamps to attach them to your backdrop system.

Can I create my own Custom Colorsmack design?

Absolutely. Since colorsmacks are created digitally, we can create a high degree of graphic and photorealistic detail. If you are interested in creating your own custom backdrop, please click the following link for information on file preparation for your backdrop or custom signage. https://www.silverlakephoto.com/custom-signage/


What is a Hand Painted Muslin Backdrop?

Hand Painted Muslin Backdrops are created in house by our talented staff of artists. They are painted (not dyed) on 100% cotton fabric and are available in sizes up to 20'x20'. Hand painted muslins give a traditional studio look for a very reasonable price. Hand painted muslin have many of the desirable characteristics of Canvas with the ability to fold them for storage and transportation.

Are Hand Painted Muslin Backdrops Opaque?

Our hand painted designs are created on a heavy duty weave of fabric with paints that yield a nearly opaque result. You will not have trouble with hand painted muslin being see through, withstanding placing them in front of a full sun window. Never a good idea :)

What is the difference between the Silver, Gold and Platinum Series designs?

The quality of the different series is exactly the same. They are priced slightly differently based on the amount of colors involved...and therefore the time invested in creating them. Silver series are 2 color designs, Gold are 3-4 color designs and Platinum are 4 colors or more.

Are Hand Painted Muslins wrinkle free?

No. Hand Painted Muslin is not wrinkle free, but we have a very slick method for quickly and easily preparing them for shooting. Please check out this quick tutorial that will save you time and energy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6tY0TfKJq8

Can I wash my Hand Painted Backdrops in a washing machine?

Hand painted muslin is impervious to water, but washing machines are not good for them. Hand painted muslin can be either spot cleaned, hosed off and left or hung to dry. The heavy agitation and tight space of a washing machine will have an adverse affect on your backdrop.

Will my backdrop match exactly what I see in your sample images?

We take great pride in matching our backdrops as close to the sample images as possible, but please take into account that hand painted designs are created by hand and therefore vary slightly from one design to another. Please attempt to photograph your backdrop with a subject before making your final determination on your purchase. Backdrops do photograph differently when lit for a subject as opposed to looking at them with your naked eye. One of the great qualities to our designs is their ability to yield a variety of different looks under different lighting conditions and processing methods. 

If you are ordering multiples of the same design, whether hand painted or colorsmack designs, ordering them at the same time will ensure the closest match in color and design. 

Do you ship to my country?

Yes. We certainly do. Silverlake has shipped backdrops worldwide for over a decade. The shopping cart is configured to give you a shipping estimate once you input your shipping address. If you have any problems, please feel free to email us. 

What size of backdrop will work best for me?

What size you select for your backdrop depends on a couple of factors including, what is your intended subject matter and what size of space will you be primarily setting up your studio in. Obviously, working with pets or newborns requires a much smaller backdrop than working with full size adults. If we use an adult subject as the standard of measurement, a 5x6 or 6x9 backdrop will allow you to photograph 3/4 length portraits (cropped approximately mid thigh) and head shots. An 8x8, 10x10 and 10x12 will allow you the space to create full length standing portraits as long as you incorporate something else to be used as a floor in the image. You can sweep a 10x12 backdrop to have some floor and some wall behind the subject and this will allow full length seated portraits where you see the backdrop on the floor and as the wall behind your subject. 10x20 backdrops are the best choice for full length standing portraits when you wish to have your backdrop swept to show 10 feet of floor and 10 feet of backdrop. This works nicely for small family and groupings. 10x20 backdrops can be turned horizontally, giving you a large, 20 foot wide by 10 foot tall backdrop. Large family groups and teams can be photographed this way, but be sure to consider what will become the floor in your image. Our 20x20 backdrops are perfect for large families and sports/dance teams. If closely posed, 30-40 people can be included within the confines of your 20x20 backdrops. 

What is your Return Policy?

Silverlake products are backed by a 45 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want you to LOVE your Silverlake backdrops. If you are not happy with your Silverlake backdrop, we will remake or exchange it for you.

Some of our customers have expressed hesitation about opening the package and hurting their chances of returning it, but it is nearly impossible to tell what your backdrop will look like by viewing a small section of the back of the backdrop (which is how they are shipped). We want you to open it fully, hang your backdrop and even schedule a test shoot before making your final determination. Please take your backdrops out, hang them up and play with them. If you are not satisfied with the results, give us a call or shoot us an email and we will take care of you.

Due to the nature of the photo industry and single use event work, Silverlake will replace and exchange, but not offer refunds.

Customer pays for shipping to and from Silverlake for return items.