Brick Wall Floor

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Love the look of a realistic floor, but hate the hassle of piecing it together or bored with your permanent floor? Our Faux floors are the solution to give you the reality you seek with the flexibility to change them in seconds.

Finally, a cost effective solution for flooring that doesn't bunch up under your clients feet.  Silverlake Faux Floors feature a dense composite of fabric and rubber backing to offer a non-slip, rollup floor that is durable, yet light enough to be easily maneuvered in your shooting room.

Most companies are offering a floor product that is made on a neoprene substrate, similar to a standard mouse pad. In small sizes, these work fairly well, but are excessively heavy in the larger sizes. Silverlake floors are rubber backed for a non-slip usage, but are lighter for maneuvering and storing.  Constructed in a way that high heels would not be able to rip or puncture. They are easily cleaned and may be sprayed off with a hose if ever needed. Our floors lay completely flat, are easy to move, will last for years, and posses the same vibrant color saturation that our Colorsmacks are known for.

Faux Floors ship in 2-3 weeks.