5x10 Limited Edition Hand Painted Backdrop - 5056

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Colors in Backdrop - Taupe, Light Brown, Subtle Cream and Tan

Limited Editions are produced in very small quantities, completely unique and will not be reproduced.

They are sold on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. If you love it....buy it now, before it disappears.

Our Hand Painted backgrounds are created on heavy-weight, 100% cotton muslin in a layering technique that provides depth in the final image.

Our heavy-duty muslin will withstand tearing and moisture. Great for all types of photography when you need a backdrop. Whether you are a professional or an aspiring amateur, this will add a professional touch to your photography. Especially useful in Family, Children, Wedding, Model, Commercial, and High School Senior photography.

Please allow approximate 5% shrinkage in width and length.

Limited Edition backdrops are in stock and will ship within 72 hours.

Having run my own studio for many years, I have found no use for rod pockets. It takes far too long to change if you are doing multiple backgrounds within one session. I am instead INCLUDING the same CLAMPS I use in my studio for hanging muslin. You will find it is quick, easy, and if a cheerleader steps too far back....the clamp comes loose...NOT your background stands!

Key Benefits

* Heavy-Weight 100% Cotton Muslin

* Exceptional depth due to the layered application of paints

* Comes with Spring Clamps for easy hanging

* Can be draped or hung straight

* The back can be photographed as a varation of the front

* Works exceptional with gels and background lights